The Middle Way

The Middle WayThis chart is Daniel Thorton’s graphical depiction of major Buddhist lists.

The chart in PDF format may be downloaded by clicking on The Middle Way – The Path to Understanding, Liberation & Peace



The Middle Path to Enlightenment

Middle Path to EnlightenmentThis chart is Alexander Peck’s version of major Buddhist lists.

To download the chart in PDF format, please click on The Middle Path to Enlightenment – Table

For an MS Word document, click on The Middle Path to Enlightenment – Table


List of Buddhist Lists

Often one of the first things a newcomer to Buddhism is struck by is all the lists – the 4 of this, the 5 of that, 8 of these, and the 37(!) of those. This information may seem overwhelming, especially since there are 100s of lists. The following is an attempt to develop a basic list of lists. If one can get the mind wrapped around these lists, one will have many of the essentials necessary to understand the Buddha’s teaching.

Source: The list was taken and adapted from “List of Buddhist Lists” produced by Leigh Brasington and found on his website, (accessed February 23, 2014). Kind permission to use his list was granted.